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The Silence of the Lambs
Drag Me to Hell

close /kləʊs/
He stayed close to his mother.
Come a bit closer.
We walked close behind them.

remove /rɪˈmuːv/
Liz removed her jacket and hung it on a chair.
Carefully remove the lid, then stir the paint.

piss sb off = to annoy someone

abduct /əbˈdʌkt/ = to take someone away illegally:
He was abducted by a terrorist group.

press charges = to complain officially about someone in a court of law:
The family decided not to press charges against him.

shame /ʃeɪm/ = to make someone feel embarrassed and guilty about something:
[+ into + doing sth] His children are trying to shame him into giving up smoking.

serve the needs/interests of somebody/something
research projects that serve the needs of industry

covet /ˈkʌvɪt/ formal
to want something very much, especially something that someone else has

curse /kəːs/ = invoke or use a curse against:
it often seemed as if the family had been cursed

beg = to make a very strong and urgent request:
She begged him for help.

If you choke /tʃəʊk/, or if something chokes you, you stop breathing because something is blocking your throat

nightmare /ˈnaɪtmeər/ = a frightening dream

blood /blʌd/ = the red liquid that flows around your body:
a blood test/sample

give sb the creeps (informal)= to make someone feel frightened or nervous:
These old buildings give me the creeps.

escape /ɪˈskeɪp/ = to succeed in getting away from a place where you do not want to be:
The two killers escaped from prison last night.

fix = to repair something:
My watch is broken – can you fix it?


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